Psychotherapy FAQ | Media FAQ

Q. What is the best way to book Dr. Macari for a last minute interview?
A. Dr. Macari is frequently available for short notice television and radio interviews.  You are most likely to reach her by calling her at (516) 816-1425.  Please leave a message if you receive her voicemail and follow-up with an email.  Dr. Macari will typically return messages within the hour.

Q. What types of mediums does Dr. Macari have experience with?
A. Most of Dr. Macari's experience is with live television programs.  However, she also has extensive experience with radio and print.

Q. I saw Dr. Macari on a recent television show and would like to email her regarding her
          appearance.  Will she read it?

A. Dr. Macari personally reads every email she receives.  While she cannot provide advice regarding an individual's specific psychological problem, she is happy to answer questions regarding general psychology-related issues.  Unfortunately, fast paced television segments often leave viewers wanting more comprehensive coverage of a topic.  Dr. Macari is happy to provide additional information via email as a courtesy to these viewers.

Q. Is there a way I can receive a list of Dr. Macari's upcoming appearances?
A. Absolutely!  Be sure to sign up for Dr. Macari's latest news on the Contact page and you will be notified of upcoming appearances.  However, please understand that most appearances are scheduled only hours prior to going live.

Please contact Dr. Macari for more information or to book her for an appearance.