Perhaps, you are experiencing some difficulties in your life or are struggling with mental illness.  Regardless of the severity of your problems, I am confident that I can help.  Often patients are reluctant to contact a psychologist because they are afraid of what to expect.  Meeting with me is in many ways like talking to a really knowledgeable good friend.  You will quickly see that I love being a clinical psychologist and I love working with patients.

As a cognitive-behavior therapist, I focus treatment on changing behaviors and transforming lives.  I achieve this by working for you.  I read books, attend lectures, and consult journals between sessions so that I can best treat your unique situation.  I also limit the number of patients I see each week so you receive the optimal level of personalized care.  I utilize a direct but non-judgmental approach.  My goal is for you to leave the session feeling supported, but challenged.  I wholeheartedly expect success and provide every opportunity for us to achieve it.